Permanent exhibition

The Anti-War Museum was reopened in 1982, 15 years after the death of its founder Ernst Friedrich.

Since then, Ernst Friedrich’s grandson Tommy Spree and a dedicated group of volunteers have been taking care of visitors and the museum’s needs. Today, it is recognised as a non-profit organisation and is largely financed by donations.

The museum, which is housed in a shop flat at Brüsseler Straße 21, 13353 Berlin, has also included an art gallery since 1998, where special exhibitions are held.

The Anti-War Museum, in the tradition of Ernst Friedrich’s museum, focuses on the horrors and consequences of all forms of warfare. To this end, it exhibits photos, documents and objects of WWI and WWII. A large world map provides information on current trouble spots. Display boards, pictures and showcases deal with the topic of “modern weapons of war”, e.g. chemical and biological warfare agents. War toys from the last centuries are also on display.

Main room of the Anti-War Museum

A staircase leads to an air-raid shelter from WWI, which is equipped with many original parts and gives an impression of the oppressive atmosphere of bombing nights.

Information material and changing special exhibitions provide information on current topics of the peace movement.

The Anti-War Museum is an associate member of War Resisters International (WRI), which is represented in a committee for global disarmament at the UN. The WRI has been founded on the following declaration since 1921: “War is a crime against humanity. We are therefore determined not to support any kind of war and to fight for the elimination of all its causes”.

Photo gallery of the exhibition rooms