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Museum in film and television

The war should go to the museum | taz (German)

by Luciana Ferrando, 23.08.2020

“The Anti-War Museum in Berlin Wedding is like Tommy Spree’s living room. And it is a spiritual legacy. For with the museum he is reminding us of the life’s work of his grandfather Ernst Friedrich.”

The Anti War Museum in Berlin | Frankfurter Hefte (German)

by Jonas Schriefer, 05.05.2020

An article in the Frankfurter Hefte about Ernst Friedrich and the history of the museum with an interesting look behind the scenes.

Anti War Museum | Lange Nacht der Museen Berlin (German)

Kulturprojekte Berlin, 2019

Here you can find information about the last “Long Night of Museums”.

“War makes sick” – The Anti-War Museum | Weddingweiser (German)

by Ariane Hussy, 21. Mai 2019

“In 1982 Tommy Spree and colleagues reopened the Anti-War Museum in Berlin. After several changes of location, it was moved to the …”