Anti-War Museum today

The Anti-War Museum was reopened in 1982, 15 years after the death of its founder Ernst Friedrich.

Today Friedrich's grandson Tommy Spree and a group of volunteers - among them many teachers - take care of the museum's affairs. The museum is acknowledged as a non-profit organisation and lives mostly on donations.

Located in the centre of Berlin, at 21, Bruesseler Street, the museum is completed by an art gallery, called the »Peace Gallery« since 1998.

The Anti-War Museum's displays include photographs, documents and objects from the First and Second World War. A large map of the world indicates present day wars and conflicts.

One group of exhibits is devoted to the subject of modern warfare, i.e. to chemical and biological warfare agents. The museum also presents a collection of war toys from past centuries

A wooden stair gives access to an air-raid shelter from Second World War. Equipped with many authentic objects the shelter evokes the uneasy atmosphere of the bombing of Berlin during the Second World War.

Moreover, the museum provides information and changing exhibitions on current issues and activities of the peace movement.

The Anti-War Museum is an associated member of the »War Resisters' International« (WRI), which is represented in an UN committee on disarmament. Since its foundation in 1921 WRI is based on the following declaration: »War is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war and to strive for the removal of all causes of war.«